In the week leading up to his show, we chatted with designer Carlos Campos about the state of the industry and what we can expect from his new collection.


Carlos, having been born in Honduras, how did you get your start in fashion to now having your own brand showing at New York Fashion Week?

My father was a tailor. When I came to America, I knew I had to go to fashion school

Does your Honduran heritage influence your design aesthetic?

I wouldn’t say Honduran specifically, but my Latin background does inspire my collection. Every season I find inspiration in some aspect of Latino culture, whether it’s a location, a feeling, the rhythm or even poetry and literature.

Why did you decide to build your brand in New York as opposed to London or Paris and do you intend to show in those markets in the future?

I grew up in New York, this is where I call home. Eventually we would love to expand our market and show in Paris or London

There is a lot of talk about the current state of the fashion industry, which seems to be in a transitional period. What do you think about showing collections in-season and see now, buy now model of business?

See now-Buy now is on everyone’s mind at the moment. We believe it is the future of fashion and are pushing for it.

Let’s talk about fashion week. How far in advance do you start working on new collections?

On average it is about three months ahead, four if our schedule permits

A recent article stated that menswear is dead and yet, we now have a dedicated New York Fashion Week Men. Do you agree with that statement?

Menswear is not dead, it’s in an evolutionary stage, taking a different shape. It is hard for mainstream media to recognize it, but it’s the new reality. Menswear is no longer one singular thing, no longer confined.

What does a day look like the week of your show?

Fittings, castings, and fast food.

Tell us, what is your vision of the Carlos Campos man, who is he?

He is confident, classic, hip, and constantly evolving. Most designers will keep a similar look and change fabrications, we are not afraid to play with silhouettes while keeping the DNA of the brand intact.

Let’s talk about models. Who is your favorite model?

Anders at Wilhelmina and Geron at Re:Quest are cool guys to hang with.

How does a model win you over during castings?

The walk. A cool walk full of attitude.

Can you tell us what we can expect on show day from your Spring Summer 2017 collection?

Lots of our signature navy and a new green.

Finally, and this is for aspiring designers: What advice would you give to your younger self when you were starting out in the industry?

Try to do as much as you can on your own. Depending on others will only get you so far.