It’s the day after New York Fashion Week and Everyone is dead. Aqsa wrote her round up and when she sent it over for me to edit, I decided it was the perfect excuse to not have to do my own writing. I also thought it would be fun to add my own comments, because why not! They’re in orange and italicized – Khahlil Louisy

 – By Aqsa Ahmad


Fashion week, for an outsider like me, is really just trying to figure out who has a connect at what show, what time shall we try to get into this party, give me that invite and I’ll give you these two, and let’s grab some pizza because we’re hungry and haven’t eaten all day.

Here’s what went down each day.



Missed out on Tom Ford’s show and I don’t want to talk about it. However, I made it to Pat McGrath’s party, where I saw one of the Sprouse twins and a girl from the Bravo TV show Gallery Girls that was cancelled after one season. This day was for middle school me and her terrible taste in television. Today was also the day Tiffany Trump made headlines for trying to snag an invite to the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party—her rep emailed Harper’s Magazine, which covers politics and culture, instead of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

Haha whoopsie about Tom Ford and Oh Tiff…



At the Malan Breton show, I really couldn’t focus because, for one, it was at The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, where, while walking up to the steps you see a huge sign that says “DRONES.” The other reason is that I couldn’t get over the fact that I found myself seated right behind the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As soon as I recognized Lisa Rinna’s trademark spiky head of hair, nothing else mattered. This day was for high school me and her bad taste in television. I then quickly stopped by the Kur presentation, where the clothes were very feminine and pretty.

Later that evening, my friends and I tried getting into the Calvin Klein show, but that didn’t really work. We did get to see Anna Wintour walk in, though, and we did stop to get pizza after our failed attempt. I wanted to try to get into Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty party that night, but my friends wanted to stop at Public first. Security was really tight that night because of Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott’s book launch party and all the celebrities who were in attendance. I finessed my way in but couldn’t do the same for my friends, who didn’t make me feel bad for staying, but instead encouraged it. Good friends, indeed. Got pizza again (I know…) after the night was over with a new friend I had made that night.

Totally your fault for not getting into Calvin Klein
Didn’t I also see you at John Varvatos’ campaign launch party that night?
A “new friend”… hmmm



I found myself back at that museum for Romeo Hunte’s presentation, which I wasn’t really into. The collection was just a lot of neutrals mixed in with camo prints, fishnets, and timberland’s. Nothing really remarkable. Someone handed me a bottle of Blk water, which is exactly what it sounds like—black water. Something no one asked for, but for some reason, it still exists. I left to grab a slice from a 99 cent pizza place afterward because I’m not a model and I can do that.

At night, I tried getting into Jeremy Scott’s show. I pretended that some random person who I knew was in there (thanks, Instagram) was my boss, and he couldn’t leave his seat to come out and get me, to which the guard responded, “Tell him to text Santana.” I had my friend, whose contact name I had changed in my phone, text me saying, “I already cleared this with Santana. There should be no problem.” I showed the guard, who looked very confused, and that’s when I realized he was, in fact, Santana, and knew I was full of shit. I did not get in.



Then began the scheming for how my friend and I would get into Jeremy Scott’s after-party, which also was at Public. It was savage out there. Everybody wanted in. People were shoving and pushing. The line went all the way down the block, and it was worse than the night before. My friend and I were luckily near the front of the line and were able to finesse our way in. It was almost too easy. My friends who showed up just 15 minutes later than me and were also in line could not get in. Cue security/PR people telling them and everyone else, “We’re at capacity. We can’t let any more people in.” Once I got to the party, which was on the rooftop, I did not understand the hype. It was kind of lame and I left shortly after.



People were debating whether to go to Philipp Plein or Alexander Wang this evening, who were showing at the same time and in different boroughs. I knew Future would be performing at Plein, so that did it for me. The line outside the Hammerstein Ballroom was absolutely insane. We eventually got in. The show started late and was so overly produced, but I loved every second of it. I really liked this one look and the way the model had fun dancing a bit during her runway walk. Afterward, I found myself sitting right behind Tiffany Trump on the VIP stage at one point, and I wondered if she managed to make it to the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party. Then I was right next to Dita von Teese during Nicki’s performance. It was a weird, crazy night. I went and got pizza with a friend afterward, because of course.

Who is this friend you’re ALWAYS with!?!?!?



Didn’t attend any shows this day, but I went to Rihanna’s afterparty for Fenty Puma, where it was almost impossible to not run into a waiter walking around with delicious free food, including rice, empanadas, fries, burgers, etc. I had about five or six mini bags of cotton candy that was handed out later that night. Saw Rihanna, NBA players, and then decided to leave to meet up with my new BFF. We got pizza even though I was so, so, so full, because at this point, it was tradition. We looked at what we missed at the actual Fenty Puma show as we ate our artichoke pizza.



Got to go backstage for Hakan Akkaya, which was nice because I got to see what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show. I really enjoyed the show, as there were so many great individual pieces but also full looks. However, I felt the cold that I had been procrastinating on letting run its course, creeping back into my body. I thought I had shut it down last Monday when I drank three packets of Emergen-C, but nope. It was back. I then decided to sneak into Anna Sui, because I read in a Vogue article that someone else had done so, and that Anna Sui was supportive, even going as far as saying to future potential crashers, “Go for it! Why not?”

I successfully snuck in from backstage, but before my attempt, Katie Holmes casually strolled by. At this point, I don’t get starstruck. The show and the clothes had a very hippie theme. I got to finally see the Hadid girls walk in a show. I only later learned that Gigi only walked with one heel on, but she’s that good, so most people, including myself, didn’t notice.

Then I decided to head to Paper Magazine’s “Beautiful People Party” because Gucci Mane was going to perform, even though it was at a Dave & Buster’s—my first, and I hope to God, my last time ever going there. My lymph nodes at this point were swollen, and I felt so terribly ill that I almost considered going up to the bar and asking for some tea with honey. Instead, I got called a “dumb bitch” by a 30 or 40 something old ginger bro-y aggro dude who I told to stop elbowing me during Gucci’s performance, where people were also savages, pushing people so hard they spilled their drinks and fell down on the speakers upfront—just so they could get a video for the ‘gram. That’s when I decided to call it a night.

Still can’t believe it was called the Beautiful People’s Party
Also, hater, leave Dave & Buster’s alone. It was a fun/different night!



Still felt really sick but it’s my first fashion week, so I decided to suck it up. Got a standing room ticket for Naeem Khan’s show, which was very Naeem Khan. The dresses started off primarily in black and white, but then the collection got increasingly more colorful. I really liked this one jumpsuit look. After that, I walked over to the Whitney for Calvin Luo’s show—we interviewed him a week earlier. His collection used a lot of pastel colors. Many of the models walking down the runway were wearing nylons, and it was clear that Calvin really played around with different fabrics in this collection. Other models were styled in Vans, Kurt Cobain sunglasses, and in one instance, with a skateboard. There were some cool denim pieces. Still can’t get over the fact that this guy is only a year older than me…

You slacker…

I went home immediately after because I desperately needed antihistamines, tea, and rest, especially since I was planning on crashing Paris Hilton’s party the next day at—you guessed it—Public.



At this point, I was still sick health-wise and finally also sick of fashion week. I didn’t go to any shows and I did not head over to Public for Paris. I stayed home and drank soup all day in bed and felt good about my choice. I mean, after the Plein show and after-party, and Rihanna’s after-party, I feel like I’m pretty much set for the rest of the year.

Anyway, I’m so glad Fashion Week is over.

Ugh! You’re such a fashion girl…