By Aqsa Ahmad

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During Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriend’s house, when we get really sappy and take turns saying what we’re thankful for, his 65 year old godmother, who could pass for someone in her early 40s always says the same thing every year – moisturizer.

I try to remember this whenever it’s so hot and humid outside, that it literally feels like my skin is slowly melting under the 90 degree weather I wished for in the winter, but am now definitely regretting. It is absolutely essential to moisturize everyday (and wear sunscreen—but that’s another story!).

In our recent sizzling editorial with Evan Betts, we applied The Essential Creme Fluid by AmorePacific, one of the South Korean luxury brands behind the widespread and internationally growing obsession with K-beauty. Because the soft, milky formula is so incredibly lightweight, it didn’t make Evan look greasy or anything. It actually absorbed really well—and quickly, too! It wasn’t sticky either, though you would think it would be, given that this was shot on a classic summer day.

The AmorePacific company emerged in the 1940s when Yun Dok-Jeong started extracting oils from camellia, a pretty flower group that often blooms in colors ranging from white to hot pink to a deep red. She sold these oils as a form of hair treatment in her village, and then one of her sons followed in her footsteps and expanded the company. He then passed down his wealth and beauty expertise to one of his own sons, who’s now one of the richest people in South Korea (and probably the one with the best skin there, too).

It’s funny to think about how the weather plays such a role in our skincare routines—most people only associate winter with moisturizing, but when it’s summer, it’s like ‘Oh, time to whip out the old SPF 35.’ But you should be using both products, every day, regardless of the season or that day’s particular forecast.

With something pretty light and non-oily, you won’t feel like you’re clogging your pores and making strands of your hair more prone to sticking to your face. And because it’s not heavy at all, it can also be effectively layered over whatever cocktail of serums you apply both in the morning and at night. You get all the benefits from an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that is made up of 150 hand picked baby green tea leaves, but without looking like a very sweaty NBA player after a playoff game. And that’s why The Essential Creme Fluid by AmorePacific is the “Best of this Week.”