If you noticed a decrease in the number of our published articles per week, don’t be alarmed, you’re not seeing things and your mental faculties are still fully functional. I hope. Indeed, there have been fewer articles published in the last couple of weeks, but we have a very good reason for it. You see, change is coming to BONNE New York and I hope, slash strongly believe, that it’s going to be as great as it is necessary.

When I launched BONNE New York about two years ago, it was with the intention of creating a platform where thought provoking content could coexist with fashion and the lifestyle of a busy and ambitious professional man living in New York City. I wanted to challenge the notion that an interest in one mitigates the other – that one cannot be smart and interested in style and fashion and vice versa. I vehemently believe that being interested in looking and feeling your best does not take away from your intellectual ability and to think contrary is archaic.

At the time of launching the platform, I felt strongly that the tone used in majority of the mainstream menswear publications were “douchey.” We’re not all douchebags and being a young, professional, man thriving in New York City doesn’t mean conforming to the macho attitudinal stereotypes that have perpetuated our culture for far too long. It is possible for men to engage in interesting and intellectually stimulating conversations without being brash, harsh, or dismissive of the emotions and vulnerabilities that women often express. That thinking have only reinforced the belief that men should ignore or deal personally with the myriad of issues – mental, emotional, and spiritual – that plague us, in the name of masculinity. Look where that got us – young men in America are angry and don’t know how to deal with their emotions, so in the end, they resort to murdering each other.

I always wanted to dig deeper and engage an audience on a level through which issues of culture, society, and people can provoke and challenge the systems and ideals that we believe in. That is not to say that the objective of BONNE New York is to change the way you think. On the contrary, it is to encourage you to think deeply about how you, as an individual and citizen of the world sees not only yourself, but also how you perceive those around you and what impact our actions may have on each other.

Over the next few weeks you will notice a series of changes to our website. The layout will continue to change as we add more features, though, not too drastically. Also and very importantly, as any business experiences growth, the structure through which it operates must evolve to accommodate those changes. To that end, BONNE New York will now be managed under a parent company, BONNE Media, setup specifically to govern the series of new digital platforms which will be launching over the next few months and into the next few years, and also to create new opportunities for each of those digital assets which will call BONNE Media home, to thrive.  In due time, everything will be revealed, of course.

As we go through this period of development and transition, I ask that you bear with us as we work to create structures which will ensure the smooth operation of this new entity, so that when we shift into gear, it will be upward and forward in exciting and visually stimulating ways.

Watch this space.

– Khahlil Louisy