Jeremy Lugo, Founder of The Rich + Clean, stopped by our office for a quick chat about his botanical based products, which have quickly become a new favorite around the office, liked by men and women alike. His Triple Thick Lotion with Amber, Patchouli, and Clover has everyone talking and smelling great, while his face wash with mint, chamomile, and bay leaf, not only cleanses away impurities on the face, but also leaves the skin feeling fresh and energized.


Where are you from Jeremy?

Originally Manhattan, then moved to Queens, then to Brooklyn at 15 years old.

Why grooming products?

There is a void in the market. People eat healthily, but putting healthy things on your body is just as important as putting healthy things in your body. Skin is the body’s biggest organ, and there’s plenty of stuff out there for women, so I figured we could make a men-specific product.

Is everything natural?

It’s botanical-based, so mostly natural. We have to have preservatives in some of the products otherwise customers would have to refrigerate their products, or you’d be dealing with mold. I’d say all of our products are no less than 98% natural.

How do you get guys to take grooming seriously?

It’s like fashion, you have to get the guys who are educated on it, the more they know about it, the more interested in it they will be. It trickles down from there.

What is your grooming routine?

Face first, I have oily skin, always have. I used to go to the dermatologist, but the stuff they gave me burned my face because it was all chemicals. I have the Proper Face Care Regimen Kit; it cleans, balances the pH of the skin, and moisturizes; you have to moisturize even if you have oily skin. So for me, it’s ace wash then the kit. Same routine at night.

Jeremy Long, BONNE New York, BONNE NY

Does your family use your products?

My kids and my wife do. Whenever I use the products my kids run up to me and say “Dad, you smell like Rich & Clean!”

Where is R+C made?

We have a studio in Brooklyn.

Where do you source?

We work with different labs that have the base products that we need.

So what do you do for fun?

Work! But other than that, I like to drive

You drive in this city?!

Yeah, having a car creates options, we love our cars! My favorite is a Vintage Porsche 911, it’s been my dream car since I was fifteen. I used to have one that I bought it from a French father-to-be in Williamsburg.

So what is your drink of choice?

Craft beer, local craft beer!

Where’s your favorite place for craft beer?

My corner store!

Do you pay attention to fashion?

Somewhat. I like Corridor NYC, Steven Alan, Wings & Horns, & A.P.C.

How difficult was it to build a start up business?

It started as a hobby honestly. But I wanted to get past being a “craft” and move to being a brand! If you love what you do and passionate about it, then it’s not very difficult.

Who are your stockists?

We launched at Liberty Fairs last month and BirchBox carries us.

How’s production since?

We’ve scaled up, very quickly!

So what’s the next stop?

Vancouver, Brooklyn, Long Island, Massachusetts.

What are you trying to become with R+C?

Home scents are next!

Is that an exclusive?

I do have some exclusive things related to home scents, but I have to keep it exclusive.

Candle? Diffuser?



Kind of, but like a male potpourri and with a much better design.

And what’s going on with the family?

Family is the main reason for doing this, I always keep the family first. I’m a homebody.

And lastly, who is the R+C Man?

Every man! If you care about your food or your clothes, then you care about your body.

Jeremy Long, Rich + Clean, BONNE New York

Jeremy Long, Rich + Clean, BONNE New York, BONNE NY

Jeremy Lugo was photographed by Caio Ferreira for BONNE New York at our office.