– By Khahlil Louisy
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In case you missed it, winter is here. And just to be sure we know it, mother nature has gifted us with a “Bomb Cyclone,” to be followed by a polar vortex – a term that only came into my consciousness about four years ago when I moved to New York, but have left deep, traumatic scars, in the recesses of my Hippocampus.

But New York is New York and for all it’s greatness, the city could care less about your little snow globe action. You have to get out of bed and go to work, despite how low the mercury drops, unless you want to move beneath the Brooklyn bridge. Please don’t move beneath the Brooklyn bridge!

Fortunately, some brands consider our plight when designing their products, in an effort to make life a bit easier. Florsheim does that well. Their Midtown waterproof Chukka is as the name suggests, waterproof, and has leather uppers. If you’ve accidentally stepped into a slush puddle thinking it was solid surface, then you understand the struggle. If you need something a little higher to shield your ankles from the cutting cold, their Midtown Boot is perfect. I also found a pair of sexy plaintoe boots on their website.

Midtown Waterproof Boot & Midtown Waterproof Chukka 

What’s really awesome about Florsheim though, is the way they marry style and functionality. The brand’s Comfortech Technology keeps feet dry and comfortable, their linings are breathable and moisture wicking, and the insole of the shoes are cushioned, with flexible rubber soles. Also truly fantastic is that their shoe sizes goes all the way up to 14, in most cases. Guys with huge feet like myself – 14 – understand the frustration of not finding shoes we like in the right sizes.

After all, life is hard, but walking in icy slush and on slippery surfaces is harder. Do yourself a favor and make your life a little bit easier.