– By Khahlil Louisy


The Handmaid’s Resistance

Push anyone far enough and they will reach their breaking point eventually. This season’s Handmaid’s Tale has been harrowing and sometimes difficult to watch, as the women in Gilead, whose rights have been stripped away from them completely, suffer at the hands of merciless men and their accomplice wives. Last week’s episode climaxed at the point at which the handmaids, or at least one of them, was done putting up with shit from the men and all their cronies. She was done being subjected to a life of subservience, including weekly rape and torture for failing to comply with the horrific and repressive rules set forth for her and the other handmaids. At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Ofglen running into the unveiling ceremony for the new “Rachel and Leah Center,” built for processing handmaids, with an explosive device. The episode ends with a “boom” and if the powers that be don’t take this as a signal that not only had the resistance risen, but that Gilead and all the machinations of oppression were about to greet the same fate, then they’re in for a rude – or wonderful, depending on which way you look at it – awakening.

The American Resistance

Not to be overly dramatic, but I keep thinking about whether Gilead is a reflection of what America could be, if we do not start holding our government accountable. The rights of people are being stripped away from them in this country and nothing significant is being done to stop it. Planned Parenthood is being defunded, despite all the health-care services that they offer to both men and women, outside of abortion procedures. Our environment is in peril, as the laws put in place to protect all of us are being repealed, just so that large corporations could benefit. Politicians are choosing which science to believe, in spite of the conclusive empirical evidence to support the theories. The president of the United States routinely attacks the free press, labeling the media as “fake news,” when we disagree with him, even when proof exist of his statements being false, and of course, the rights of immigrants – human beings – are no longer. Do you know that immigrants, despite visa status, could now be held indefinitely by immigration officials and that they have no rights to a hearing?

Are we challenging ourselves to speak up on behalf of those who are not able to? Beyond just talking, are we actually taking action to protect those among us who are likely to fall victim to the rules of oppression being set by the current administration? If the sole set of rules governing the entire populace is the American constitution, then perhaps it’s time to revisit the age-old document and make changes that are reflective of the times that we now live our lives in.