– By Hemant Persaud

Meghan Markle came, she saw, and she conquered, all within a short period of time. But most importantly, Markle is here to stay and to slay us all, and she is here to bring extra salt and seasonings to the British Royals. Why is she bomb? Because she simply is.

Markle is the newlywed Duchess of Sussex, married to Prince Harry in May. She was previously a film and television actress on her hit legal drama series Suits.

She is making her mark on decades long history of colonialism and rules meant to never be broken. But let us dish it out on how she is breaking some fashion rules. And we are all here living for it.meghan markle, royal family, prince harry, culture, wedding, style, fashion, iconThis one is clear, she is a style icon to be. Markle is influencing fashion in unprecedented ways. Whatever she wears is sure to be the talk over cocktails, but it is also sure to be sold out, because she radiates, and almost all women want to look equally as good. Now that is womanhood working together. Canadian brand, Line the Label’s CEO, John Muscat, renamed the white coat she wore during her engagement announcement to “the Meghan”. There is one explanation to describe her signature mark. What she wears is meticulously thought out and this type of influence has the power to bring together communities, shine light on brands, and challenge how we think about conventions. Markle is not here to be ruled, she is here to rule over her own life. That explains why she wore an off the shoulder Carolina Herrera dress to her first Trooping the Color for Queen Elizabeth II. Below are two of many more:

  1. Wearing a crossbody bag and carrying a tote from Scottish accessory brand, Strathberry: Royal protocol dictates that women should always carry a clutch to avoid shaking hands. What a shockingly comfortable and practical way to carry your everyday needs in your bag.
  2. Not wearing nude stockings: this is an unspoken policy upheld by the royal women before her, but not today. During her engagement, she stepped out with her bare legs. Groundbreaking!
  3. The list goes on. Slay us, Queen…I mean, Duchess.

meghan markle, royal family, prince harry, culture, wedding, style, fashion, iconShe was not named TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people earlier this year for no reason. Markle is doing more to break royal code, such as advocating and being a global ambassador for risky causes often overlooked by the traditional Royal family: women’s equality, LGBT rights, and mental health. Now that is badass. She represents inclusivity because she is a woman and she is biracial, leading to the idea that fashion can be an accessible luxury that is affordable for young women to identify with her and make their own choices. Though, as Teen Vogue’s previous Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Welteroth, beautifully wrote on her Instagram, “the media blitz surrounding #MeghanMarkle had nothing to do with…her dress…It is the media’s sudden embrace of the term ‘biracial'”. This leads to the pronounced existence of mixed-race families in our history and for the acceptance that a biracial person does not need to pick a side, but they can acknowledge they are both. But what if her skin tone were a few shades darker? “Would the royal family have been ready for its first unequivocally black princess? The moment begs the question,” Welteroth continued.

And that is why her incredible influence in everything might make way to give her a new title, Queen…but probably not quite yet as Prince Harry is only sixth in line to the throne. Until then, she will be the Queen of our hearts for the years to come.