– By Marcus Goldstein

So, Über wealthy fashion designer and wearer of outfits that will make you look twice and scratch your head, Marc Jacobs, got engaged to his partner, Charly Defrancesco, in none other than a Chipotle. Yes, the famous maker of burritos, guac, and rice bowls (no conclusion yet on whether it can be classified as authentic Mexican cuisine) was the venue selected for the proposal. Oh, but that’s not all. Marc also had a flash mob preface the get-down-on-one-knee moment, dancing to Prince’s “Kiss,” while the unsuspecting Charly recorded the action.

Marc and Charly have been a thing for a couple of years now and their lovey dovey relationship posts are all over Instagram, traveling to exotic locations on vacation and entertaining with friends. I only aspire to be Neville Jacobs in my next life. Anyway, Charly’s birthday was the day before and Marc posted a photograph of the two of them in a frame of hearts to Instagram, earlier in the day. Charly owns a candle company called Get Lit by Char

So while many people are spending loads of money on their proposals to make it extra special and of course, convince their partner to say yes, there goes wealthy Marc Jacobs, proposing in a Chipotle and I’m sure the moment will remain with them both for the rest of their lives.

It’s usually the little things that make the biggest impressions, right? No word yet on if having guac on hand Charly’s decision to say ‘yes.” I also wonder if this means that the wedding will have tons of Chipotle catered food.  Anyone else want to crash?


Image: HollywoodLife