– Interviewed by Khahlil Louisy and photographed by Mark Grguric

Twenty-two year old, Spanish model, Marc Luloh is having an incredible runway season. The model who has already walked in shows for major brands in London, Milan, and Paris this season, is currently in New York and set to walk more shows at New York Fashion Week Men’s.

Marc, let’s talk about your start. How did you get started as a model?

I was born in Madrid, Spain to a German mother who moved to Madrid for work. A friend who worked at Abercrombie & Fitch encouraged me to model, so I decided to give it a try. Another friend took some pictures of me and I sent them to agencies in Madrid. I got contacted by Uno Models and after meeting with them, they signed me. That was three years ago.

Did you do a full season right as you got signed or did you have to wait?

I did some editorials in Spain after getting signed and did the campaign for David Delfin. After that, I signed with an agency in Milan, who encouraged me to go to Milan to work. I did and it was going well. From there, I signed with an agency in New York.

Did you go to different agencies in New York first or did your agency in Milan arrange for you to meet an agency?

I met the agent at One Management in Milan and he signed me right away.



What are you enjoying most about being a model?

Getting to travel is the biggest thing and meeting people from different mentalities and religions. When I stayed in the model apartment, we were a mix of Jewish people, Muslim people, and it was very nice to meet all of them and learn about their backgrounds.

Any particular designer or brand that you really like?

I like cool streetwear brands, so Hood by Air, KTZ, Gypsy Sport are all favorites.

You’re based in New York now. How long have you been living here?

Two and a half years off and on.

Do you think you’ve changed since you started modeling?

Of course, life changes you as a person. I think I have changed for the better and all the experiences that I have lived have made me a smarter person.

Have you had any embarrassing moments?

Yeah, one time I had to wear an outfit that was really big and as I was walking, it fell down to my ankles. That was very embarrassing.

Which city do you like to work most in?

I really like New York, not too much the winter. I like Paris quite a bit too.

How do you prepare for fashion week?

I always prepare my meals for the day in advance because you never know if you will have time to get something to eat. I walk around with my backpack filled with food, deodorant and cologne, in case I need to run around for a very long time and it’s hot. I also keep an extra t-shirt just in case.

What about skincare?

I clean my face every morning and night. I use natural, vegan moisturizers.


So New York Fashion Week Men’s is coming up and you’ve already done London, Milan and Paris. Do you feel tired?

Yeah a bit but it’s more about adapting to each city, schedules and timetables. It’s more exciting than tiring.

What is the part of fashion week that excites you most?

The shows are very exciting. All the long hours of waiting at castings and fittings all come together and it’s very exciting to see, even though it’s only thirty seconds.

So then what do you hate most?

The waiting because time is the most valuable thing and sometimes people are late and the conditions aren’t always the best; sometimes you have to wait outside, or on the stairs, or in small spaces and there are two hundred models. Sometimes it’s also very cold and you’re wet because it was raining and if you don’t stay, then you can’t do the castings, but if you stay, you could get sick. it’s not always the best situations.

I’m going to ask you a question and you should answer without thinking too much about it. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream

Skydiving or bungy jumping?


Day or night?


London or Milan



The weather in London isn’t always great.

Cat or dog?

I like both but if I had to choose I would go with dog.



Do you go out often?

If it’s a good plan.

What do you like to do when you go out?

Dancing, I like to dance.

If I gave you $20 and you had to go on a date in NYC, what would you do.

Rent a bicycle and go all around New York.

Wait, you didn’t think about that, you’ve done it?


What are you looking forward to this fashion week?

Continue working with great, creative people and learning more about the industry, because each fashion week, I understand more about how everything comes together and how the designs are made, why they put different colors together or materials, the casting choices etc.

You did Balmain this season. How was that and did you meet Olivier?

Yes, Olivier is present at the castings so his say is very important. It was a really amazing show.

Did you go to the after party?

Yes, it was nice. People weren’t eager to dance in the beginning but I was ready…

How do your parents feel about you modeling?

My mom is very proud.

I think I met your mom last year, we were shooting an editorial.

Yeah, She came to New York for the first time. Now she sees what my life is like and she’s more comfortable because she didn’t know anything about fashion and couldn’t understand what a German has to do with fashion. But she went around to my castings and shoots and met the people, like you, and has a better understanding of who they are and what we’re doing, so now she feels more comfortable.

Do you think about what you’re going to do after modeling?

Yeah, totally. Being a model provides a platform and people maybe listen to you a bit more, which is why I want to use it do something positive. This is why I always write encouraging thoughts on my Instagram and maybe to my website later when it’s ready. I also study nutrition to maybe help people who do not understand how to take proper care of their bodies.


Marc Luloh was photographed by Mark Grguric  for BONNE New York on January 28th, 2017 in New York City.