Models help us bring our creative vision to life, through their ability to morph into different characters, which tells a story via photography. Fact: Male models receive a fraction of the attention their female counterparts enjoy -mostly! We want you to meet the talented and of course, good looking men, who help us churn out incredible images, through their talents… and faces!

Name: Connor Bagley

Agency: MSA Management New York

From: Hillsborough, NJ

Connor Bagley, BONNE New York, BONNE NY, Khahlil Louisy, David Hart, Model, Fashion

Let’s first get the basics out of the way Connor. Tell us where you’re from and how you got started as a model.

I am originally from Hillsborough, NJ (central-ish), but I am going to school in Pennsylvania, at West Chester University, so I have been spending a lot of time there.  I got into modeling because people always said I should give it a shot, so I got head shots done from a photographer friend in my hometown and then online submitted myself to a bunch of agencies in New York.  Fast forward a few months and here I am now!

What’s been your favorite modeling job so far, any funny moments on the job?

So far my favorite job was doing the Woodhouse show during fashion week.  That was my first ever show/presentation, and it was an amazing experience.  I do have a funny moment actually, I was doing a test shoot to build my portfolio earlier this summer and the photographer wanted to take a picture where it looked like I was falling.  They told me don’t actually fall, just act like it.  Of course I tried a little too hard and fell flat on my face and scraped up my hand and wrist… not a good look for a shoot.

If you had to spend the next five years of your life in one city, which would it be and why?

New York City.  Without question.  It is the city of dreams, there is so much to do and places to explore, people to meet, etc.  Being from New Jersey, I was always relatively close to NYC, so I never thought too much of it.  After living there this summer, it completely changed how I feel about it, and I know it is the place I would love to be.

Outside of Modeling, what do you enjoy doing?

I love to be outside.  Whether that is at the beach, playing basketball/other sports, or just cruising around in my car listening to music, you can always catch me doing something outdoors.  Also, as I mentioned, I LOVE listening to music, I have it playing 90 percent of my day usually.  Mostly rap is playing, but there’s some other genres in there too.

Talk to us about your skin care routine. What products do you use on your skin?

Well I wash my face everyday with Neutrogena face wash (sensitive of course) in the shower.  For shaving purposes, I use Tend Skin post shaving to control the razor burn – if any at all.  Once or maybe twice a week, I will use Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap facial mask, which I really think helps.  Then to moisturize, I have Neutrogena oil-free moisture lotion which I have been using for a while now.

Now let’s turn up the heat. Tell us something you’ve done that you don’t want your mom to know.

Honestly, I have a pretty good relationship with my mom, so she knows almost everything I do.  However, with that being said, she would not be happy if she knew about the number of days that I skipped school back in high school, to hang with my buddies… we’ll just keep that a secret.

Have you ever ghosted anyone? Why?

…to be honest, yes.  Sometimes people are crazy, you know what I mean? If by ghosting you mean haven’t spoken to and or communicated and or seen any sort of picture of my ex girlfriend of three years, then yes.

You only have $20 to spend on a first date, break down how you would make it work.

Connor Bagley, BONNE New York, BONNE NY, David Hart, Khahlil Louisy, Fashion, Model

Easy. Beach trip, sunset, ice-cream.

Fuzzy peaches or bald nectarines?

Obviously a fuzzy peach.  I do like me a nice nectarine, but referring to them as bald made it sound a little funky.

Favorite drink?

Non alcoholic? Frost Glacier Freeze (light blue) Gatorade,  at exactly thirty-five degrees – kidding!  Alcoholic? Most likely the classic vodka red bull.

When in NYC, where can one find you hanging out?

All around.  I like to explore places that I have never been before.  On weekends, you can find me out and about in the NYC nightlife with a bunch of my friends.

Any other projects you’re working on?

Not currently. I am back at school for my last year here at West Chester, but after this school year, I will be able to work full time on my modeling career.

What about social causes, are there any that you’re passionate about?

Habitat for Humanity.  I worked down in Louisiana a few years back in the Lower 9th Ward, which was still destroyed from Hurricane Katrina.  Ever since working down there, I have done some work on-and-off throughout high school and college with H4H.

In three words describe Connor Bagley.

Curious.  Intricate.  Tranquil.

Connor Bagley, BONNE New York, BONNE NY, Perry Ellis, Fashion, Model, KHahlil Louisy

Connor Bagley at MSA Management was photographed by Diego Bendezu for BONNE New York and styled by Khahlil Louisy.

Grooming by Grace Fong