Model Drop In: Zoran Karan


From: Belgrade, Serbia
Age: 22
Measurements: Height: 6’2″, Suit: 40L, Pants: 32X34, Shoe: 11, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown

• Violence realism • Photo by @bcharlesjohnson 👊🏻

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So this is your first time in the city. How long are you staying?
Yeah it is. I’m so excited and here for one month.

How did you get into the industry?
I had a girlfriend when I was 16 who suggested it. She was a somewhat famous singer in Serbia and we met in a gaming café. I used to play polo and wanted something to do in my spare time, so I would go there [laughs]. That’s how we met and she encouraged me to go to castings.

You’ve been modeling for a few years now, have you noticed any changes in the industry since you started to now?
Yeah. Now I think the classic look will soon go out. The models before had the seventies classic look and were taller. Now, the guys are very skinny and not as tall. So the look has been changing over the years. Even the brands who used to use the types of guys from before are all now booking only very skinny guys who aren’t as tall.

Is there any brand that you feel connected to?
I was the main fit model for Brioni so I feel a connection there, but the look changed when Justin O’Shea took over as creative director. You know, the brand was known for it’s classic look and suddenly you had guys who looked like be wearing Metallica shirts as the image of the brand.

Tell me, what are you enjoying most about New York City so far?
This is going to be weird, but I like the buildings. You see on TV or in the movies all these iconic buildings and then when you get there in person, you think, ‘this is why it’s so iconic.’ Like the Empire State Building . The city is so different from any other place I’ve experienced. The energy and the mix of people and cultures are amazing. It’s a weird thing to say since this is my first time here, but the moment I arrived, it felt like I was home.

What were you up to before moving here?
I was in Shanghai, China before coming here, but made a quick stop in Milan for fashion week and then back home to Serbia.

How does the fashion business compare with that of Serbia?
Well there isn’t really a fashion scene in Serbia. It’s kind of sad, actually. The earnings are so much lower over there. You know, you can work very hard for very little over there.

So Zoran, what are you hoping to achieve in your career?
I want to do things that are different. So the aim isn’t so much to be the number one model, but I want a portfolio of different types of jobs and experiences. And of course, I want to earn enough.

If you’re based in Serbia and there isn’t a big fashion scene, where do you travel to most often?
To Milan. I was based there.

Anything exciting on horizon for you?

Well I have the Dolce and Gabbana Alta Sartoria show tomorrow night.zoran karan, model, fashion, style, top, bonne new york,, male model, men, best of, khahlil louisy


Zoran was photographed at the BONNE Media office on April 6th, 2018