– Khahlil Louisy


Milan designers have declared that nineties fashion is back in session and in doing so, are redefining what luxury fashion means. Stuffy and contrived clothes in heavy fabrics haven’t been the norm for a few seasons now, as fashion embraced minimalism – albeit so strongly and for so many seasons, that fashion began devolving into a mosh pit of nothingness. That sentiment seems to be on the turnaround and now, designers are looking for inspiration in an era of heavy nostalgia. Indeed, as hip hop and rap culture continue to maintain its grip on design influence, so too are designs of clothes, now reflective of the early days when rap music permeated the global airwaves, thanks to the MTV and BET networks.

Over the weekend, we saw collections from three of the world’s biggest luxury fashion houses – Versace, Prada, and Dsquared2. Looking at the collections, one would wonder what it was exactly about the clothes that would classify them as luxury. That isn’t to say that they are not. The clothes would have certainly gone through a rigorous process of design derived from inspiration, production from quality fabrics and under the most intense care, and undergone a quality control process. Style wise, though? We have seen them before, in the early nineties. It is easy to see Missy Elliot doing her thing in the resort looks presented at Versace in her ‘Work It” music video, or Biggie Smalls, or Outkast. It was the heyday of rap music and culture and style mattered. Now fashion is taking us on a trip back to that era. Is it the new luxury?


Dsquared Spring Summer 2019


Versace Spring Summer 2019


Prada Spring Summer 2019