– By Eric Zimmermann


So Rick Ross and his super coiffed beard are launching a line of grooming products made from, you guessed it, weed! Well, hemp, but since they’re all part of the cannabis family, I’m using weed for added effect. He’s also going to add caviar and Champagne in every product, as one does, if they are living the real boss life. The collection is called RICH and will include beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair & body wash, styling gel, shaving cream, aftershave balm, classic pomade, and styling wax.

Fear not my humble peasants, the name of the line isn’t reflective of its pricing and so, we the people will be able to lather up in champagne, caviar, and hemp too. Products are priced between $12.99 and $15.99 and Mr. Ross added those ingredients – Champagne extract for the anti-aging component, caviar to moisturize and protect against UV rays, and hemp to soothe, plump, and moisturize – because Rick Ross understands the importance of looking your best self, which means taking great care of your skin.

A limited supply of the collection will launch in May, but will be available in July for everyone at Sally Beauty Supply, both in-store and online.