– By Brittany Waugh

The Instagram world absolutely raved over Fashion Nova, making it widely popular on social media. Curvy models endorsed their well-fitted jeans and inexpensive dresses, which sometimes too-closely resembled Herve Lerge. The company gave women of all sizes fabulous clothes, quickly becaming popular and a go-to online retailer for women on a budget and also, for every Instagram Fit-Tea model.

 Recently though, Fashion Nova decided to take a new direction, introducing Men’s Fashion to sphere of the brand’s apparel universe. You could feel the excitement through the screen of your phone as it became a trending topic all over social media, leading up to its release. Many were excited for the brand to finally welcome men into the Fashion Nova world, until they did on June 11th and the reactions were just… savage


Some welcomed the new line with open arms, while many were extremely disappointed in the outcome, equating the line to “Forever 21” and “Ross” for the quality of the clothing.  Replicating brands such as Off-White and Versace, did not do the brand any justice. Well, the Internet ripped the collection to shreds, posting screenshots of the disappointing items and aggressively ranting about how little effort seemed to be put into the creativity and uniqueness of the men’s fashion release.

The slogans on the shirts weren’t able to protect the collection from the shade thrown at it. Using lines like “Meme Lord” and unpleasing prints like pineapples and flamingos, did not sit well with those who were looking forward to parting with their dime on the new line.

 Our ultimate verdict on this line: Issa Flop! The quality could have been a lot better, given the success of the women’s range and the extended built anticipation leading up to the men’s release. And compared to what Fashion Nova offers its women, the standards are off. Given that this is the brand’s first go at a men’s line, there is still time for improvements. Hopefully, Fashion Nova, will release more ‘cop’ worthy clothing in the future and allow their potential men’s fashion consumers to prosper with versatility in their clothing options, just as their women’s collections. But as for now, case dismissed!