– By Elijah Francis


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Swarovski assembled a stunning cast of beautiful people to party together while dripping with crystals and it’s killing me that I wasn’t there. I too, want to hang out with queen Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, and Eric Rutherford (such a fox), while looking fantastic in tailored tuxes and covered in blue swarovski gift boxes.

Everyone has a Swarovski story, the first time they received their crystal gift – often from a family member. Mine doesn’t exactly go like that though, I remember stealing my sister’s studs when I got my ears pierced at 16, then helping her look for them. I am now 29, she’s going to read this piece at some point today, and I will be in a whole lot of trouble. Hey girl hey!

But if you’re looking for gift ideas that is sure to dazzle and make your special someone flash a brilliant smile, a Swarovski crystal covered piece is a sure win. In the meantime, I’m going to pitch to my boss that we have a Swarovski-themed holiday party, so I can live the moment in the campaign that I wasn’t part of. Fingers crossed that he thinks it’s the most awesome idea ever, but it’s more likely that he’ll think I’m crazy.

Edit: After sending him this piece to read and pitching my idea for the holiday party, he told me I should stop drinking in the morning. I’m not even drinking haha.



All images from Swarovski