– By Elijah Francis


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There is always one big disaster during Thanksgiving at my parents house in Michigan, where no less than 15 people gather every year, to stuff our faces. Amidst the chaos though, is so much yummy food, prepared by my parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, we can feed a small village. That means that whatever I wear on Thursday must be comfortable and roomy, so that my stomach can still fit in, without threatening to pop any buttons. I also need something to keep me warm and obviously look good in, because I live in the big city now and work in fashion, so I have to represent. You feel me?

After hearing Angelo go on and on all of last week about how fun Coach is right now, I figured I should head to the brand’s website to check it out. It wasn’t a disappointing adventure and I settled on a cotton sweater with a sundae motif in the front, that is inspired by the American Diner. It just looks so cool and the color isn’t going to clash with anyone or any home decor. Just a subtle, but fun looking sweater, which will send the message to my family and friends back home, that this city boy who works in fashion, doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Image: Coach.com