– By Khahlil Louisy


You know, there always comes a point in life when the little things that never really mattered suddenly do. Waking up one morning and realizing that lines and wrinkles have crept into the skin on your face – usually around the eyes and on the forehead first – is never a great confidence booster. For this reason, taking precautionary measures early enough to slow down those wrinkles from creeping forth and reducing their appearance is necessary. Luckily, some truly fantastic products exist to help slow down the aging process and G.M. Collin is one such brand whose products work diligently to address skin problems, including aging. The brand’s Phyto Stem Cell + Cream is a leader in the pack of anti-aging products in the market.

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The G.M. Collin brand is well-known and revered for their moisturizers and the advanced formula of their Phyto Stem Cell + Cream works well for those with dry skin. For combination or normal skin, the Phyto Stem Cell + Gel Cream is a great option. The light weight cream works to improve skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The formula contains Orsirtine™, a breakthrough anti-aging technology, based on sirtuins, that promotes skin longevity ex vivo (Latin for “out of the living,” or externally in this case) by promoting long-term skin benefits and protection from environmental aggression. It is extracted from rice (oryza sativa) and contains sirtuin (SIRT1)-activating compounds, also called “STACS”, according to Ashland, the company which produces the compound.

As men everywhere are increasingly paying attention to their grooming habits, particularly, their skincare routines, adding anti-aging products to slow down the appearance of aging is an important step that should not be taken for granted. Aging gracefully into a distinguished look can be sexy, but aging prematurely is never a good thing. And with all of the free radicals and powerful oxidants in gaseous pollutants floating freely in the city air, premature aging is a very real concern, in addition to the stresses associated with city living.

Dermatologists everywhere will tell you that you shouldn’t wait till lines start appearing on your face, to take countermeasures to slow them down. While consistent moisturizing is an important step in that battle, your skin needs products that will specifically target the causative agents of aging. The G.M. Collin Phyto Stem Cell + Cream seems to do so. Do right by yourself, take care of those lines, and live your best life.