– By Marcus Goldstein


Lara Broken Axe and Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Billions is Really heating Up

Axe Capital is back in the swing of things with the man himself in his rightful place. Wendy Roades is showing a side of her this season that we knew was there, but until now, we hadn’t seen. Not only did she collude with her husband and Axe to get an investigation into her dismissed, for insider trading, but she played on the heartstrings of a maleable subbordinate to get him to lie to federal investigators. By the end of last night’s episode, we also saw her going after her father-in-law, who, to be quite honest, deserved it. The entire Rhoades family are a**holes.

We also saw lots of Lara last night and boy is she a vicious b*tch. All was copasetic pre Axe being investigated and once he was indicted, she filed for divorce. We saw how she complained about receiving over $300 million in the settlement, because, you know, that’s champ change. But the biggest dirty move during the investigation was when she threatened to move to the west coast with the kids – a threat that cooled Axe’s warmth and soft spot for her and we now see him treating her like nothing more than a privileged client, charging her for Axe Capital managing the money.

Taylor is definitely more aggressive this season, coming into her (?) own. By the way, we’re still not sure what pronoun to use when referring to Taylor. In last night’s episode, we saw Taylor asking for $1 billion to manage and vehemently opposed investments in natural resources, which came from a tipster within the government. A move Taylor sees as Axe going back to his old tricks which got him into trouble in the first place. Seriously though, he couldn’t even give it a week? SMH!

Excited to see where this goes next week, especially how Charles Rhoades reacts to Wendy’s discovery of his trysts with hookers. I’m also very curious to see what it is that Axe made Lara sign. Yes, it was supposed to be a contract for Axe Capital managing her money and agreeing not to move the kids to any other state for at least seven years, but the camera lingered on that contract just long enough for us to think there was something ominous going on.


Rudy Giuliani is the Gift That Keeps on Giving


The self proclaimed master of deal-making, isn’t entirely great at hiring people. Just take a look at the number of departures since his administration took office – the highest number among any president since taking office. Just two weeks ago, it was announced that former New York City mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, had joined the president’s legal team. In that time, he has stuck his foot in his mouth, by contradicting white house statements relating to the investigation into a payment of $130, 000 by Michael Cohen to porn actress, Stormy Daniels, on behalf of the president. First the white house said they had no knowledge of the payment, then the president said he knew about it but didn’t pay Cohen. Well, Rudy went on national TV to announce that not only did the president know about the payment, but he actually repaid Cohen. This case isn’t about whether or not the president had an extra-marital affair with the porn actress, it’s about whether or not he violated campaign finance laws by paying her that money to keep quiet about the affair.

Last week Giuliani gave us another gift. This time, concerning the AT&T and Time Warner merger, which reports stated that the president opposes, because of a  personal vendetta against Time Warner-owned, CNN, that the president believes is unfair to him. The white house had previously said that the president did not get involved in nixing the deal and that a decision hadn’t been made, but Giuliani implied otherwise in his interview with the Huffington Post.