– By Khahlil Louisy


Live in New York City long enough and nothing will surprise you anymore – not the absolutely horrible smells in some places, that you fear will forever stick to you and your clothes, not the biggest Hollywood celebrities casually riding the subways like one of the people, and certainly not the strangers having sex in the subway cars. Nothing to see here. But there’s a dude in New York who quite literally broke is dick during intercourse because he missed the hole (lmao!!!) and hit a wall (her behind) with such force, that it shattered his penis, and then he unashamedly threw a party for it. Okay, maybe not specifically for the event that was the breaking of the penis, but he wrote a book about the experience and had a book launch party. And so the tale of Broken Bananah by Ross Asdourian came to be.

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On a cold evening in mid-April, a group of people assembled at the Hotel Chantelle in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood for the launch party of “Broken Bananah.” It was a banana-themed, no less. The book is described as “an autobiographical, overly honest journey through severe genital trauma.” As with all weird but cool events in the city that has to do with sex and sexual health, this book came to my attention via my friend, Estrella Jaramillo, co-founder of the women’s sexual health app, B-Wom and knower of all things sex-related in New York City.

It is my understanding that no images of the penile carnage was published in the book, saving us all from the true horror of what a mutilated dick might look like. But it seems that Mr. Asoudian took it all in stride and was able to find humor throughout what would otherwise be a harrowing affair. A cursory search on the Internet detailed Ross as a comedic writer for 15 years, which explains his humor, as well as a film director and former producer at Red Bull and NBC.

I have not yet read the book, but very much looking forward to doing so. My only advice to Mr. Asdourian is to perhaps try not missing the hole next time you’re going in. If you want to get a copy of “Broken Bananah” you may do so here.


All images: Broken Bananah | Ross Asdourian