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Hello, my name is Khahlil Louisy and I am the Editor-in-Chief of this website you’re currently reading. I am also a Creative Director, working with this site and a few other brands, to conceptualize imagery that communicates brand messages to consumers. This includes: look books, advertising campaigns, and other creative elements used to attract people to a brand. I also do quite a bit of styling and involved in other business ventures. Basically, I am a New York City multi-hyphenate through-and through.  I go out often and love a good party, it’s the Caribbean in me, which I am very proud of. In a single night, I can hit up as many as three or four parties, especially during fashion week, and still be at my office by 8am. Most people I interact with on the daily would never be able to tell I had been hopping from one party to the next the night before, if not for my constant stream of Instastories (@therealkhahlil). But partying can take it’s toll on the skin, so it is imperative that I take as much care of myself as possible. Also, my job often requires traveling, which means having to deal with all the recycled air on planes as well. All of the above, combined with the current freezing weather, can wreak havoc on my skin if I am not careful. The following is how I circumvent disaster.

It is very important for me to cleanse my face daily, because I do quite a bit of running around the city for press appointments, showroom visits, and various business meetings – my fingers are dipped in many pots at the moment, so to speak. New York City has terrible air quality and I don’t want the mess from the air to establish residence on my face. That shit can cause all sorts of unsightly skin problems and break down collagen, which causes wrinkles to start forming. I’m against pre-aging and will fight it vehemently. Currently, I am using Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel, which is both a cleanser and toner, and can be applied to dry skin. You don’t have to wet your face to apply it, just your hands and it lathers up. It also smells like freshly cut cucumbers.

If I feel especially grimy, I will use Tenzing’s Face Wash with Green Tea and Guarana, and use my Clarisonic Alpha Fit to scrub. I try to use the Clarisonic as often as possible, especially because our office is located in Chelsea and it seems like all the construction in New York City is happening in the area. That means loads of dirt and other more sinister, microscopic, and skin-problem-causing grossness flying around freely.

After cleansing, you should definitely use a toner and my favorite has been from CONTEXT, which works incredibly well and smells like fresh oranges. But I have gone through my last bottle and in the market for something new, that works just as well. I’m just looking for variety. So for now, I’m relying on the toning properties of the Hydropeptide cleanser.

Because I have dry skin and because the cold months are especially drying, due to less moisture in the atmosphere, it is very important that I use a serum that can help my skin retain as much moisture as possible. Anything with Hyaluronic Acid is a major plus, because of the molecule’s ability to attract and retain moisture from the atmosphere. Currently, I’m using StriVectin’s Advanced Acid Rehydrate + Replump NIA114 + Hyaluronic Dual Response Serum. It’s a long name with a lot of chemical terms. NIA-114 is StriVectin’s patented technology, which is supposed to reinvigorate skin surface for optimal performance, strengthen and nourish the moisture barrier, inhibit the impact of environmental aggressors and intensify the efficacy of other ingredients, according to the brand’s website. The serum is separated in two compartments and only combine when the top of the bottle is pressed down. Also per the website, “Chamber 1 contains 6 unique forms of Hyaluronic to visibly plump skin with immediate and sustained hydration. Chamber 2 combines NIA-114 and ceramides to lock in moisture and prevent water loss.” Seems like a perfect fit for my skin situation with the cold weather.

If I went especially hard the night before and look like roadkill the next morning, I add a couple of things to my routine to hide my transgressions. In addition to StriVectin’s serum, I will also add a pump or two of Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum, which contains 75% Hyaluronic acid complex and a bunch of other ingredients that are good for your skin. I will mix both of these in Biainili Vitality & Balance Face Fluid, which contains Vitamin C, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosehip Extract, Geranium, and Ascorbyl Acid. It’s a very light fluid and helps the other serums spread easily all over the face. No amount of partying can make you look like crap after applying this concoction of serums.

I also use BoyFace Firming Eye Serum, because no matter what you do to your face, if you leave your eyes out of the equation, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. The BoyFace brand was created by Crystal Waters (yes, that one), who, after traveling the world extensively for years, performing before massive crowds, I imagine would know a thing or two about what is needed in a product to make the skin look good. So far, it has worked well for me. The metallic roller ball also makes applying the serum easy, while cooling and soothing the under eye area. I also just really like the name, because silly little details like that matter to me. If I need extra help that morning, I use Patchology’s Eye Revive 5 minute Hydrogels. It’s an under-eye mask with serum, on a gelatinous-like textured material. I will then layer on A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contouring Cream. For evenings, if I have to go out, I will instead use LaRocca’s Firming Eye Cream because of it’s concealer like property, which makes sense, given the 24 karat colloidal gold in it.

Up next is moisturizer, which is super important, because this is what will keep your skin hydrated, while also protecting your skin from the elements. I definitely need a great moisture barrier to lock it all in and I stress this to my friends all the time: “invest in a great moisturizer.” I have basically started chiding them into getting better products, if I find out that their skincare game is lacking – not on my watch. My current moisturizer obsession is CHUDA Healing and Hydrating cream, by Dr. Elena Ocher. The things this cream accomplishes is beyond anything I have ever experienced with any moisturizer. It’s insane. But because it does not contain any SPF, I top it with some Sheer Hydrating Lotion with SPF 30, also from CHUDA. It’s fast absorbing and not oily.

I’m scared of running out of the CHUDA cream, so to avoid going through it quickly, I alternate with another moisturizer that can keep my skin well hydrated. Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream by Peter Thomas Roth is a great alternative. It’s a white cream in the jar, but dissolves into a clear, water-like substance when rubbing into your skin, and is very light.

Evening events are tricky, if I have to go straight from the office. That means going through an entire day of work, which increases the chances of looking worn-out. I’m not the make-up-wearing kind of guy unless I’m on camera, so I have had to figure this out. If I have to attend an event in the evening right after work, I will take some steps in the afternoon to ensure I look up to fashion industry standards by nightfall [haha], before leaving the office. At around 3pm, I will wash my face, apply a serum – usually the same one from StriVectin, and then use Patchology’s Restoring Night CloudMasque. I know it’s meant to be used at night, but the product does such an incredible job at making your skin look smoothed, hydrated, and fresh, that I use it during the day as well. Applying it a few hours before heading into the night is sufficient time for it to do its thing. Another trick is to use the 5 minute Hydrate Flashmasque, also from Patchology, which contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitmain B5. I have tried multiple sheet masks and this one is at the top of the ladder because of how well it works. It is very hydrating and helps amplify the effects of whatever other product you’ve applied to your skin before the mask. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes, which is usually all the time I have before jetting out the office door.

Many people forget their lips when taking care of their face, which can become a cracked and ugly mess in the cold. I use a Shea Butter and Beesewax lip balm with SPF 15 from Barr Co. Soap Shop, in Blood Orange Amber. It tastes great, but you really shouldn’t eat your lip balm, especially if it has SPF. Not good for your body.

Currently, my fragrance of choice is Versace’s Dylan Blue. It’s a fresh scent, which combines Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit, Aquatic Notes, and Fig leaves at the top, with the subtlety of Violet leaves, Ambrox, Pepper, and Patchouli at the heart.

From there, it’s game on!